You Can Do It All.
So Can Astro.

Our goal is to empower indie pet retailers like you through exclusive offers and programs that those big-box stores don’t have. Our suite of tools will help you save time, earn more revenue, and, most importantly, keep your customers and their four-legged friends happy!

You Can Do It All. So Can Astro.

Can Astro Do It?

From automated customer loyalty to SMS marketing, there’s no limit to what we can help your business achieve.

  • Automate your frequent buyer program—paper free and painless!
  • Offer customers exclusive deals from top brands
  • Keep new pet parents happy with adoption rewards
  • Get paid fast with automated distributor credits
  • Make communication a breeze with instant SMS notifications
  • Keep your brand top-of-mind with customized digital marketing

If there’s a feature you believe is missing or a need that you think Astro doesn’t address, let us know! When you ask whether “Astro can do it?” the short answer is probably yes!

Can Astro...?

We used to sit at the dinner table and sort through all of the frequent buyer cards, now Astro does the work for us.

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It’s a Dog-Eat-Dog World. Find Your Competitive Edge.

When you subscribe to Astro, you gain exclusive access to a fully integrated suite of loyalty tools to help give your business a competitive edge over those other guys. You’ll quickly discover just how powerful a tool Astro can be for your business, your bottom line, and your customer experience.

It’s a Dog-Eat-Dog World. Find Your Competitive Edge.
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