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Have you ever wondered why thousands of neighborhood pet retailers trust Astro Loyalty to help grow their businesses?

Well now is the time for answers!

Stop by Tuesday at 2 PM EST and let us show you how Astro Loyalty is changing the game.

In just 15 minutes you'll learn:

  • How to access hundreds of programs exclusive to Astro Loyalty and exclusive to neighborhood pet retailers

  • Exactly how Astro Loyalty will take all headaches out of the equation for managing your programs, offers, and marketing

  • How to stop wasting time managing your programs and redemptions and get your credits quicker 

  • And why Astro Loyalty is the easiest way to integrate with your vendor and distribution partners

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Brad Moseley

Astro All-Star

Can Astro Really Help?

Astro Offers Weathered Dark

The Power of Independent Pet Marketing at your Fingertips.

No Design Skills Needed. Just Drag, Drop, Point, & Click.

It's done-for-you campaigning designed exclusively for the Neighborhood Pet Shop because no one knows you as we do!

Astro Marketing harnesses the power of the marketing teams behind your favorite brands and places those horses in your stable. All you need to do is hitch those horses to your wagon - and away you go!

With just a couple of clicks, you can quickly customize a pet-themed campaign from our rotating calendar, and deliver it to your customers via the communication method they choose!

Astro Marketing takes the overthinking out of marketing. It's decisions when you need them, and choices when you want them.

We're so much more than just email marketing!