Declaration Of Independents!

Yes, we meant to spell it that way because we applaud and support the independent pet store retailer. These independents are paving the way toward higher quality pet care in so many more ways than a big box or online store can. And that should be declared! At Astro Loyalty, we are committed to empowering independent pet retailers. Truly. It’s our sense of integrity, reputation, and rugged individualism that we share with independents, because we’re independent, too. And we know how an edge can make the big difference. It’s a big promise we’re making, but we invite you to check us out. Follow us, friend us, connect with us, drop us a line. We’d love to have you as part of our growing communit

Meet Astro Loyalty

Astro Loyalty is committed to empowering independent pet retailers, so we’ve built an engine designed to drive customer sales to your store. Astro is not available to big box or online retailers. Period.

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