No Matter How You Do It

Astro Loyalty helps you do it better!

You already have an in-house program?
Keep it. Easily integrate with Astro and connect to the industry.

Still punching paper cards?
Punch out. Astro will save you the hassle and get you reimbursed faster.

You think you have all the help you need?
Think again. Exclusive programs, marketing tools and manufacturer-funded offers,
all strictly for neighborhood pet retail.



See it. Believe it. Grow with it.

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The Intersection Of Indie Pet Retail.

Astro Loyalty Tools place your business front & center.

Seamlessly integrate your current loyalty program

Get a direct connection to distributors you love

Fully automate redemptions, get paid faster

Loyalty programs that you can only get through Astro.


Tune in. Learn from the best each week.


Astro Exists For One Reason.

The success of indie pet retail.

We're here for the neighborhood stores. The businesses built with relationships and thrive because of innovation. The Astro Loyalty platform is the perfect complement to your authentic integrity and high quality standards. There isn't a neighborhood pet store that wouldn't benefit from Astro. It's next generation technology with old-school dedication to pets and their people.


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Q&A: Questions & Astro

I already use paper loyalty cards. Why should I make the switch?

Paper loyalty programs can result in errors, lost points, lost cards, and long wait times too. We want to help you avoid lost hours per week (not to mention customer frustration) in fixing issues and waiting for distributor credits. 

I have an in-house loyalty program already— can Astro Loyalty still help me?

Many of our retail partners maintain their old loyalty program but still find that Astro helps saves countless hours and headaches.  If you'd like to chat about how we can help streamline your operations, book a call with us!

What if I'm not very tech-savvy? Does Astro have a steep learning curve?

On the contrary, Astro's Frequent Buyer program, Offers program, and Marketing Suite tools are designed to make everything easier for total tech novices! Our marketing suite has a user-friendly dashboard and includes ready-made templates for things like marketing campaigns. 

Will Astro Loyalty integrate with my POS?

We have many current POS integrations—talk to us to see if yours is one of them! We’ll help make your checkout process smoother and faster than with paper cards. 

What if my customers are concerned about their personal data?

Without Astro, your customer data isn’t secure. Paper cards, manual reports, etc. end up in many distributor and vendor systems without a secure data use license. Astro uses a data use license in your best interest. Check out our strong data manifesto here.


More questions? Schedule a call with an Astro Expert.

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"I was dragged kicking and screaming into using Astro by a vendor that eliminated paper frequent buyer cards. I wasn’t happy that I was going to have to pay for something that had been previously been free to process. (Ask the poor Astro rep who had to earn her money demoing it to me at Super Zoo). How wrong I was. My staff loved it, as did my customers and the benefits were immediate.
When the marketing suite was offered for free during COVID-19, I fell in love all over again. I actually enjoy putting our marketing pieces together now. Astro is a very effective, well-rounded tool and well worth the investment."

           - Eileen U. - Arizona
            Owner, See Spot Shop

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Astro Loyalty Is Exclusive to YOU

Astro Loyalty was developed specifically for independent retailers like you. Our goal is to empower independent businesses, nurture customer relationships, and help you deliver an experience big-box or online pet retailers simply can’t. With Astro, you can rest assured that you’ll always have the competitive advantage.