Dear Retailers and Astro Partners,

Like you, we are very concerned with the recent developments around COVID-19. At Astro, we are strictly following the guidelines of the CDC to help protect the Astro team, our families, and the community.  

Please see links below for reference:

CDC links about pets and the coronavirus:

CDC general information:

WHO general information:

Retailer Business Continuity Question:

A common concern at this time may be whether your customers will choose not to go out and shop but instead opt for e-commerce and home delivery options. At Astro, we believe you should be proactive in addressing these issues and communicate with your customers about the precautions you are taking to make your store safe as they visit. Further, stores with e-commerce and home delivery platforms should make sure your customers are aware of these options. If you do not currently have these options in place, you may want to consider a call-in home delivery service. 

Draft Communication to your Customers:

For your convenience, we have drafted the following template to help you communicate with your customers regarding COVID-19: 

I wanted to personally reach out to you and provide an update on the actions [Insert Store Name] is taking to protect the health and safety of our customers, employees, and neighbors.

We believe the best approach is to follow the guidance and advice of the medical experts, so we are following the CDC guidelines for preventing the spread of viruses. We will provide hand sanitizer in the store for our guests, and we will step up our frequency of cleaning and disinfecting our merchandising areas, paying special attention to high contact surfaces like freezer/refrigerators, counters, restrooms, door handles, and payment terminals. Employees will increase the frequency of their hand-washing throughout the shift, and any employees experiencing flu-like symptoms will not be permitted to work.

Let us take this moment to thank you for your patronage and for choosing to purchase products from our store. We know that you have a lot of choices of where to spend those dollars, and we do not take it lightly that you have chosen us. You have our word that we will continue to work hard and do our best to earn your trust and your business by providing you with the best products available with an outstanding shop-local neighborhood environment.

What Astro is doing to help you:

To assist your efforts to respond to these issues, we are making Astro Marketing Suite available for free (excluding SMS) while COVID-19 is causing disruption with our local retail shops. The marketing suite can be used to communicate with your customers about your store and the steps you are taking to make your store safe to visit.  Various COVID -19 templates will be published for your use to communicate with your customers.

If you have interest, please go to Marketing in the top menu and activate your account. Please disregard the fees posted, as you will not be billed. More information will be provided to you in the coming weeks. 

If you are interested in implementing e-commerce and home delivery services, we highly recommend eTailPet is fully integrated with Astro, and its setup is quick and easy.

Click here for more information.

These are difficult times for everyone. Our hearts go out to all who are affected, and the ramifications of business closings will be felt for quite some time.  Let’s work together in our Indy pet retail world to weather the storm the best we can while helping our communities during this time of need.

Thank you for your trust in Astro.

Best regards,