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The Program That Rewards Adopted Pets And Their Parents, Indy Retailers & Brands

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local pet retailers!

Independent retailers are why Astro Loyalty exists. We provide technology, marketing tools and manufacturer relationships that give local stores a competitive edge, especially over online stores. We're local and proud of it.

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Here's How It Works

  • Retailer chooses and enrolls in available manufacturer-funded adoption programs

  • Retailer markets this incredible campaign to customers and the local community

  • Adoption agency name and adoption date captured at checkout

  • New pet parent receives retailer complimentary free items

  • All credits are automatically processed through Astro

  • Retailers on Astro - Programs are located under Offers  - Please use Help Desk for information and support.

  • Independent Retailers not on Astro can sign up for free trial here.

Local Retailers:

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Share the love online with Facebook and other social media. Raise your profile while demonstrating your commitment to the community. Plus, you can take full advantage of the Astro Marketing free suite of tools to spread the word to customers including text messaging, email campaigns and app notifications.

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Astro Loyalty Is Rewarding
Pet Adoption Agencies.

Teaming Up With Pet Adoption Agencies.

Astro Loyalty's pet adoption support program Sharing The Love is raising awareness and supporting pet adoption. People are staying home and millions of pets are being adopted. So we're connecting pet products manufacturers with local pet stores and pet adoption agencies to provide free food and gear to help bring pets home.

This program is not complete without the pet adoption agencies and shelters. Your participation will make this initiative a greater success for families and pets alike. We're still formulating the plan so now is the perfect time to hear from the agencies.

We'd like to hear more from pet adoption agencies...
Adopt & Get Some Love

Adopt & Get Some Love.

We're Making It Easier.

Free food and pet gear is available to families who adopt a pet in 2020. We're supporting adoptions, pet owners, and the local scene. It all starts with shopping local. You won't find this offer at the big box or online stores. Locals only.

Ask your local independently-owned pet store if they are participating in Astro Adoption's Sharing The Love program. If they are, awesome! If not, suggest they get involved in the coolest way to make sure pets find their forever homes.

Terms - Adoption from a 501c3 shelter or agency. Each participating retailer decides on which brands are part of their adoption bundle. Contact them directly. Only while supplies last.

Meet The Brands.

Just Some of Astro Loyalty's Partners in Sharing the Love!

(Except of course to big box & online stores.)

Below are examples of participating brands. Local pet store may have one of these to offer, or they could have most of them. It varies from store to store. It's yet another example of our independent streak.

Nutri Source
Solid gold
Honey Im Home
Bear and the rat
First Mate
Healthy Pet
Pet guard
Natural balance
Grizzly Pet Products
Treat planet
Health Extension
Etta Says
Earth Buddy Final

*Terms and conditions apply. Not all brands will be available at all Astro retail locations. 

Shop Local

"Astro is all about supporting independent retail, this is just another great example. Our retailers love it and the new business it brings. Not sure why any manufacturer wouldn't want to get involved with this."

- Top Dog at Big Manufacturer

"Astro does so much to help the independent pet retailers. This is just another great example."

- Indy Retailer, Wisconsin