The engine that automatically runs your frequent buyer programs. 

Astro Frequent Buyer automatically creates reports, sends them to distributors, and speeds up payments.

Transaction automatically captured at checkout. 

Customer Makes
No Paper!
No Tracking!
Customer Makes
No Manual Reports!
No Hassles!
No Headaches!
It’s easy and automatic.

  • Astro’s integrated, real-time reporting is simple and a snap to use.

  • Transaction data is automatically sent to your distributor.

  • Redemption credits are often received in less than a week.

  • Exclusive manufacturer incentives/programs for Astro retailer members.

  • Astro is NOT available to big box or online retailers!

Direct Distributor

Redemption data is immediately sent to distributor

You Get Paid Real Fast 

You automatically receive credit.

Simplify your life!

  • Transforms punch cards, paper forms and files into a digital point-of-sale system

  • Accessed by Web browser or Astro app

  • It’s fast, cost efficient and accurate

  • Astro streamlines the entire process

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