More than 50% of adopted pets who receive our FREE Welcome Home bundles are new customers for their local shop.

It's Easy.

We give you FREE food, treats and supplies to welcome Adopted Pets in your community. They're the brands they love.

You get new customers.

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We're responding and we're getting out in front. You can be with us.

Foster Change. Share the LOVE!  

"Welcome Home" gifts for adopted pets only from local pet retailers!  

Independent retailers are why Astro Loyalty exists. We provide technology, marketing tools and manufacturer relationships that give local stores a competitive edge, especially over online stores. We're local and proud of it. 

  • New opportunities to cross-sell.

  • The gift bundles are happening. Make sure you're included.

  • It's as easy as signing up for Astro Offers.


Meet The Brands.

Just Some of Astro Loyalty's Partners in Sharing the Love!

(Except of course to big box & online stores.)

Below are examples of participating brands. Your local pet store may have one of these to offer, or they could have most of them. It varies from store to store. It's yet another example of our independent streak. 

*Terms and conditions apply. Not all brands will be available at all Astro retail locations. 

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