It's as Simple as 1, 2, 3!


Enroll in a Frequent Buyer Program

  1. Click Frequent Buyer menu
  2. Select Available Astro Frequent Buyer
  3. Choose a Program and click Enroll

Grab A Bag Belonging to a Frequent Buyer Program

It's that easy!


Check Out "Sally Pet Owner"

  1. Click Check Out menu
  2. Type Sally Pet Owner onto the Search Bar and Select her.
  3. Scan the UPC on the Bag to add it to the card.
  4. Click Checkout, then Finished, and you're done!
Seeing is Believing


Q.  Will I lose fulfillment credits when practicing?

A.  No, as long as you test with Sally Pet Owner, no fulfillment (free product) credits will be submitted to the distributor.


Q.  Can I use the free trial for real customer purchases?

A.  Yes, the free trial is live as soon as you sign up. Real customers and transactions are live. If credits are earned, they will be submitted to your distributor of choice.


Q.  I can’t find my distributor. What now?

A.  If we’re missing a distributor, please email us. We’re always looking for new programs or distributors to add to Astro!


Q.  What happens to my fulfillment credits after my free trial ends?

A.  All fulfillment credits earned will be submitted to the chosen distributor.


Q.  Will I be automatically enrolled after 15 days?

A.  No, you will not be automatically enrolled in the full Astro Loyalty program. If you do not activate your account within 15 days, your free trial will end.


Q.  When will I be billed?

A.  If you choose to activate your full account, billing will start at the balance of your 15-day free trial.


Q.  How much does Astro Loyalty cost?

A.  Astro Loyalty costs $45/mo per location.This also includes the FREE Astro Offers program.


Q.  When can I cancel?

A.  You can cancel at any time by contacting one of our representatives.

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