Q.  How do I get started?
A.  Visit www.astroloyalty.com free trial and sign up for the demo.  No commitment or credit card. You will have access to video tutorials and an Astro Agent will contact you to answer questions and help you get setup.

Q.  What equipment is needed to utilize Astro?
A.  A computer with Internet access and a barcode scanner (optional but helpful).

Q.  Is a POS system required to use Astro?
A.  No.

Q.  Does Astro integrate with my POS system?
A.  Astro does have integrations with POS systems. Click here to view current POS partners.  Once you sign up for free trial,  Astro can work with you to get setup.

Q.  How much does it cost?
A.  After the FREE trial demo, the fee is $45 per month per location for Frequent Buyer. You can view all pricing here

Q.  Is my customer information safe and secure?
A.  Yes, Astro’s contract and data secrecy policy is very clear and protects the retailer. Read our data secrecy policy.

Q.  What brands are partnered with Astro?
A.  Most all brands recognize Astro automated reporting through distributors. Once you sign up for free trial, you can view all the current vendors and request new ones

Q.  Can I transfer my current customers frequent buyer cards into Astro?
A.  Yes, an Astro team member will walk you through the process.

Q.  If I have multiple locations, will the customer information be available at all stores?
A.  Yes, the customer information is visible to all locations under the same ownership.

Q.  Can my customer’s information be uploaded into Astro?
A.  Yes, Astro will work with you to get the data in the appropriate format for import.

Q.  Will someone help my store get set up and trained?
A.  Yes, upon sign up, an Astro team member will contact the store to set up training.  Help desk video tutorials are also available.

Q.  Do I have to run reports and send to the distributor?
A.  No, Astro automatically sends the information to the distributor for your reimbursement.

Q.  Do I have to sign a contract obligating me to a time period?
A.  No, Astro does not require a contract; you use the service on a month-by-month basis.