Professional content, delivery and
analytics to target customers
and grow business.

talking points

User-friendly communication tools that help you speak directly to your customers.

It's a complete toolbox of customer touchpoints.
Take 3 minutes. You will be very impressed.

a dynamic content library
created by the brands & astro

Kind of like the chimp mail thing,
but with ready-made pictures and text for indie pet!

Target your customers with brand curated content.

Ready to launch programs and offers.

Looking for additional guidance on your Marketing Journey?

Your Astro Marketing Team is always here for you when you need technical help regarding our Marketing Suite. We even have marketing tips and tricks of our own to share on our Astro Academy Blog and Youtube Channel. But if you feel you need some serious guidance- check out our PIN Partners.

From Email Marketing Professionals, to Social Media Management, to Brand and Business Coaching – PIN has you covered!

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