Customer Lists

Communicate with your customers with targeted messaging.



Quickly build professional email, text and mobile campaigns.



Easily send and track promotions through email, text & mobile app.


Mobile App Notifications

Send real-time promotions updates and reminders to keep customers engaged.


SMS Text Messages

The fastest and easiest way to communicate targeted promotions.

*SMS billed separately per text message segment.

Astro Marketing suite pricing is based on the total number of customers in the Astro Database for all locations. $5 for each additional location.

See the Astro Marketing price range.

Customer engagement taken to the next level.

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See How Astro Marketing Works!

Tools to beat the big box & dot com retailers.

  • Build and keep your customer base with the complete suite of Astro marketing tools

  • They give you the competitive edge

  • Totally plug & play,  all you need is a computer or tablet and internet

The end to end, self contained digital marketing platform.
  • Web-based suite of business building tools that eliminate the notoriously disruptive nature of managing frequent purchase programs and promotions

  • Astro Frequent Buyer is a digital punch card account that electronically connects retailers, manufacturers and distributor partners

  • Astro Offers is a digital platform that’s automated and user-friendly 

Join Astro Offers for FREE & Test Drive Astro Frequent Buyer.

Try Astro Frequent Buyer FREE for 15 days and give it a run for its money.

You get access to Astro Offers as soon as you sign up for the FREE Trial. And Astro Offers remains FREE!


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After 15 Day FREE Trial.

Includes All Brands.

Custom Programs


Points Platform

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*per location

*per location

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