Astro Loyalty Expands North American Footprint.

Astro Loyalty is excited to announce that we are bringing our online loyalty program to Canada in 2020. Independent Retailers, Manufacturers and Distributors north of the border will be able to experience the convenience and benefits that Astro brings to Pet Specialty. Astro is designed to support the Indy retailer through exclusive offers, customizable store Apps, a robust and easy to use marketing suite, loyalty program tracking and more. We strive to help Indy’s differentiate themselves from the big-box, create a loyal customer base and drive business into their store. 

To support this venture, Astro has hired Stacey Desnoyers, based out of Vancouver, BC. In addition to being our token Canadian, Stacey brings almost 20 years of pet specialty experience in various capacities including front line retail, multi-store management, purchasing, product development, merchandising, sales and marketing. She will work with Retailers, Distributors and Manufacturers from Coast to Coast. We are excited to have Stacey on the A-Team. (Eh-Team?)