Spring Has Sprung! Seasonal Tips for All Pets Great & Small

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Spring is upon us, and the renewed sense of energy that comes with it affects our pets the same as it does for us. This means it’s time to get your pets back outside and active while maintaining their safety and keeping them healthy.

Having outdoor activities planned for your pet is a great way to ensure they have fun this spring. However, planning for spring activities requires a bit more attention and thought than you may think—while you’re making plans, it’s important to pay attention to the presence of fleas, mosquitos, and ticks that could harm your pet.

Prioritizing pet safety, understanding pet allergies, and practicing some spring cleaning will help all pets have a fun and active spring, from the biggest cow to the smallest kitten. Keep reading for some tips on how to make the spring season a success!

Outdoor Adventures for Dogs and Cats

Outdoor Adventures for Dogs and CatsIf you live somewhere that’s cold in the winter, you know the elated feeling that comes with the first warm wind of spring. It marks the start of another fun season with your dog or cat as you engage in some healthy outside activities that you can’t do in the wintertime.

It’s good to start planning a little early, as many outdoor activities should be practiced with some safety precautions which will be discussed in greater detail shortly. The following outdoor activities are some pet-lover favorites for the springtime.

Take a Walk

Let’s get those indoor pets outside (safely)! If you’re a dog owner, walking with your dog is probably second nature to you, but as a cat owner, the idea might be new. Taking your cat for a simple stroll or an outside sit-down can be very beneficial for their health and happiness. All you need is a harness and a leash, and you can introduce your cat to some sun and new scents as you celebrate spring.

Plato Energy Bar MARCH OfferTake a Day Trip With Your Pet

Whether this means going to the beach, the park, or hiking, taking day trips with your dog or cat is another way to get your pet interacting with nature. For cat owners, you can get a leash and harness, a stroller, or a cat backpack to take your cat on a hike with you. Of course, you should make sure that your cat is comfortable with these items and with being away from the house first.

Set Up Backyard Activities

Having outdoor adventures with your dog or cat doesn’t mean you have to go far. If your backyard is secured, you can have plenty of fun with your pets. Consider setting up a small obstacle course to teach your dog or spend quality time playing with your cat in the grass. To ensure that your cat doesn’t make a mad dash for it, some cat-lovers create a recreational cattery that allows their pet to enjoy the great outdoors without risk of harm.

The Start of Flea and Tick Season

Flea & Tick SeasonNaturally, a lot of the best spring pet activities are outside. This means that safety precautions Skout's Honor Flea Tick APRIL Offershould be on our minds at all times, including flea, tick, and heartworm prevention. Thanks to the warming weather, springtime marks the start of a months-long flea and tick season.

Fleas and ticks can cause severe allergies for your pet, leading to itching, twitching, or other serious reactions. In order to prevent fleas from being drawn towards your pet, speak with your veterinarian to figure out the best route for flea, tick, and heartworm prevention.

How Can I Treat My Pet’s Seasonal Allergies?

Seasonal AllergiesIf you’re one of the many unfortunate people that experience allergies during the springtime, then you know how irritating they can be when not treated. Animals with allergies feel the same Earth Buddy Max Life Allergy Supplement MARCH Offerway—your dog, cat, or farm animal included.

If you notice that your pet is much itchier during the springtime or showing other signs of allergies such as frequent sneezing, rashes, or watery eyes, then contact your veterinarian to discuss the options for medical treatment.

Aside from medication, there are other methods you can use to lessen the severity of your pet’s spring allergies. Outlined below are a few best practices recommended by Ultra Oil.

Metro Paws Wipes APRIL OfferGive Your Pet Regular Baths

Making sure that your pet has a consistent bath schedule during the spring can help treat their seasonal allergies. Especially right after a long period outside, a bath can help remove the allergens from your pet’s skin, which can reduce their allergic reaction. If you are unable to give your pet a rinse after every outdoor adventure, try some natural pet wipes like these by Metro Paws.

Don’t Take Pets Outside During High-Pollen Hours

This is as simple as the heading suggests—pollen is more likely to be floating around at certain hours of the day, including in the morning and afternoon. Weather can also have an effect on pollen concentration in the air, so avoid taking your pet out on windy days, for example.

Skout's Honor Spring Cleaning MARCH OfferPrioritize Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning won’t only give you a clearer mind—it will help your pet deal with seasonal allergies as well. Pollen can get into our homes through the tiny crevices in our doors and our open windows, so be sure to dust and vacuum regularly to remove excess pollen from the environment. Check out these special Spring Cleaning Astro Offers by Skout’s Honor.

What About Farm Animals?

Farm AnimalsFarm animals are far(m) from forgotten. Seasonal tips for springtime aren’t just limited to household pets like dogs and cats—they also apply to anyone who’s trying to prepare their farm for spring!

Spring is already an incredibly busy time for farmers, so it’s helpful to have preparations in place beforehand to avoid getting overwhelmed. One of the best things you can do for your barnyard animals during spring is to make sure to clean out their shelters.

Because you will be able to put livestock back out into the pastures soon, you should take advantage of this time to conduct a thorough cleaning. This will ensure that your farm animals’ environment is as safe and clean as possible to support their health and wellness. There’s no time for muck-induced illness when there’s so much to do this season!

In addition to cleaning their spaces, spring is a great time to make sure your calves, lambs, and kids are up to date on their vaccinations. The required and recommended inoculations will vary by species. For example, according to Ohio State University, “before they are weaned, calves should be vaccinated for IBR-BVD-PI3 infections, leptospirosis, and blackleg disease.”

Some other important things to check off your spring to-do list include getting your farm animals and livestock seen by a veterinarian and doing a general safety inspection that includes fencing and animal housing.

Final Thoughts

No matter what animals you’re tasked with caring for this spring, it’s crucial to mix fun and outdoor exploration with safety and health precautions. The changing of the seasons doesn’t have to be a huge stressor in your life. Rather, it can be a great time to bond with your pets and enjoy the fresh air and new life blooming around every corner.

Durvet Lyme Vaccine Offer MARCH-MAYTo prepare yourself for any potential challenges spring might throw your pet’s way, be sure to read up on fleas, ticks, mosquitos, and allergies and talk to your veterinarian about prevention methods and medications. Keep up on your spring cleaning, both in your house and in your animals’ domiciles, and be sure to implement safety precautions when bringing your pets outdoors! Finally, take a moment to relax with your pet and enjoy all that spring has to offer.

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