5 Tips to Keep Your Cat Happy During Happy Cat Month

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September is Happy Cat Month, which means it’s the perfect time to pamper our cats even more than usual and learn about some of the best ways to keep them happy and healthy. Happy Cat Month is an annual event in the United States, and cat lovers everywhere use it as an opportunity to ensure their cats are as content as possible.

This article will inform cat owners about five helpful tips for improving your cat’s quality of life. Keep reading!

5 Tips to Keep Your Cat Happy

Cats have big personalities and can sometimes be difficult to please; however, there are some small things we can do to make our purring pals feel safe while also providing them with a fun environment.

Create Vertical Space in Your Home

Cats like to perch in high places. This isn’t only because they like to climb, but because they like being able to survey their surroundings from a safe vantage point. 

Many cats love human attention, but giving your cat access to the high places in your house is the perfect way to give them their own space when they want to be alone. You can do so by buying cat furniture — such as cat trees — from the pet store, or alternatively, you can clear areas such as the top of your bookshelves, so they’re easier and safer to access. Some cat owners even install cat shelves to create a kind of jungle gym.

When you provide your cat with accessible vertical space, you’re allowing them to move around the house more freely and observe their surroundings more comfortably.

Nurture Their Hunting Spirit

Cats are hunters, and we have to remember that. For them, hunting is natural and follows a common pattern — stalk, attack, and eat. It’s a good idea to encourage that sort of behavior when playing with your cat.

This can be done with the help of different puzzles and special toys that encourage cats to figure out how to get their food or a treat before eating it. This type of play is great for both their mental and physical state, as it gives them a chance to fight for their food, much like they would have to do in the “real world.”

Give Them a Glimpse of the Outside World

Cats love to observe the outside world and all that happens within it. One way to make them happy is by giving them a place to look outside from inside your home. That can be done with the help of a cat window perch or station that enables them to spend hours viewing what’s happening on the street or in your backyard.

This kind of activity is important for your cat. Not only does it give them something to do when they’re not playing or napping, but it also stimulates their brain function.

Regular Vet Visits

A healthy cat is a happy one! Preventive care is vital for your cat’s health and welfare. That’s why you must take your cat to the vet routinely, even if it seems like they’re in good health. Not only can this help prevent future illness, but it also ensures that your cat is feeling its best at all times, as vets can recommend supplements, preventative medications, and particular types of food that are best suited to its current health state.

Have a “Catio”

Almost every animal, domesticated or not, can benefit from some fresh air and sunshine. However, many cat owners don’t want to let their pets outside for many reasons — the main one being that it’s not safe. If you let your cat outside, there are chances that it won’t return or that it may get harmed in some way. Cats are naturally curious, but their curiosity shouldn’t kill them (or the local birds and chipmunks)!

That’s why one of the best ways to give your kitten some time in the great outdoors is by building a “catio.” A catio is essentially an enclosed space that you can put on your deck, patio, or in your yard that acts as a safe place for your cat to spend time outside without being in danger (or putting other small creatures in danger).

You can find supplies to create a catio from many pet stores, purchase the materials and create one on your own, or hire someone to build one for you.

In Conclusion

As we’re celebrating Happy Cat Month, we can also learn all about how to make our cats feel healthier and happier. Implementing these simple tips can help our feline friends thrive, which is ultimately what we all want for our pets. With that said, it’s vital to remember that we should prioritize our cats’ health and happiness throughout the entire year and not only during September!

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