Is Your Dog Afraid of Fireworks? Here’s the Fix!

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Does your dog spend the 4th of July hiding under the bed from fireworks? Does the family cat vanish into thin air when a thunderstorm begins?

Particularly at this time of year, the loud noises that delight and impress human onlookers can be a serious source of fear for anxious pets. In fact, 30% of all “lost” animals occur on the 4th of July. And pet anxiety doesn’t just disappear when the holidays end, either. As many as 40% of dogs experience noise anxiety year-round, and new pets can be particularly sensitive to loud noises in a new home.

CBD products offer a potential source of calming relief for easily spooked pets. CBD, or cannabidiol, is an ingredient derived from the hemp plant — a non-psychoactive ingredient, so don’t worry, you’re not getting your cat or dog stoned.


Instead, pet owners report using CBD to treat ailments in pets that range from chronic joint pain to epilepsy and, in particular, anxiety. With loud noises triggering adrenaline and stress hormones that cause pets to get the jitters, the idea is that CBD works to counteract these nervous system spikes and calm down your pets.

As an increasingly in-demand item at pet stores, you’ll see CBD pet products appear in multiple forms, from tinctures and oils to easily administered treats.

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No significant health risks from using CBD with anxious pets have been reported, though as with any supplement, you want to carefully control the dosage — so maybe don’t let Fluffy gobble down the entire bag of treats in one sitting.

Of course, because CBD is a fairly new arrival to the pet market, it’s extra important for pet owners to make sure you’re always buying organic, high-quality CBD products from a reputable source. The American Kennel Club’s chief veterinary officer reminds owners not to price shop too much; when it comes to CBD, it’s worth it to pay a slightly higher cost for higher quality and fewer additives.


Local pet store owners can usually recommend the names of first-rate brands that won’t skimp on quality, safety, or effectiveness. If you’re interested in trying CBD products to help your anxious pet relax and chill out a little – and maybe even join you in watching the fireworks overhead! – be sure to talk to someone at your local, independent pet store to figure out what would be best for your pets.

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