Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

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Astro Loyalty has helped thousands of neighborhood pet shops in the USA and Canada vanquish their paper card loyalty programs and replace them with digital ones. Since the birth of Astro, over one hundred pet brands have officially launched shop local programs on our platform.

So far, we’ve helped several national and international pet supply brands retire their antiquated paper card programs entirely. Thus, removing the need to print the millions of paper cards that used to be necessary to publish these nationwide programs.


On the other end of the spectrum, we’ve helped numerous local pet supply brands launch new loyalty programs. Since no paper is required, publication of these reward programs is now attainable to all brands, no matter how small.


Astro provides our partners with economic and environmental ways to issue rewards to their loyal customers. Astro Loyalty is exceptionally proud of our ongoing accomplishments. We hope that one day every local pet store and its brand partners will adopt our intuitive and customizable digital loyalty platform.


Together we reward pet owners for their ongoing loyalty to their neighborhood shops. As our partnerships blossom, we will see our communities and pets grow healthier and more robust.


We would love to take this opportunity to show some love to some of our brand partners who have special Earth Day Offers available for their shop local customers this week!


Healthy Pet


Healthy Pet has been producing natural pet products from reclaimed, renewable materials for over 30 years! They are continually striving to reach new goals to maintain and improve in all aspects.

To name just a few of their environmental practices:

  • Upcycling millions of pounds of unused paper and wood fiber every year that may otherwise end up in landfills

  • Recipient of the Northwest Clean Air Agency (NWCAA) Gold & Platinum Awards For compliance with clean air practices

  • Driving Toward Zero Waste (TZW) Realizing near-zero waste at near-zero cost; recycling multiple waste streams at both facilities

  • Water conservation practices: Over 50% of our water used for manufacturing purposes is recycled and reused

  • There’s even more…


ökocat®, derived from öko, the German word for eco, is made using recycled wood and paper pulp. You can’t get any more environmental than that!

Their litter is 99% dust-free, which is far healthier for your cat. It also stops odor, clumps solid, and is flushable and biodegradable. I can’t tell you how amazing it is to flush a cat turd rather than try to scoop it into a plastic bag and place it in a garbage bin.



carefresh® is Healthy Pet’s line of natural small animal bedding. Their bedding is also comprised of recycled wood and paper pulp. Dust can be deadly for small animals, and since carefresh is 99% dust-free it is far safer for those little guys. Their bedding is also pillowy soft and able to prevent odors for 10-days.


Nature’s Logic


Another one of our buddies, Nature’s Logic, is a founding sponsor of Free the Ocean, a website dedicated to removing plastic from our oceans. All of their Distinction bags are certified plastic neutral. They are also Champion Level Members of the Pet Sustainability Coalition.

Through their Clean Food, Clean Energy program, for every pound of food they sell, they buy 1 kWh of renewable energy to help power the future. Their headquarters is powered by 100% renewable electricity and so is the manufacturing of all of their bags and kibble. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, click here to find out more about their sustainability practices.


Sustainably Yours by Petfive Brands


Petfive Brands is the proud creator of a sustainable cat litter purr-fectly dubbed Sustainably Yours. Sustainably Yours is made from corn and cassava, two crops that are completely natural, renewable, and biodegradable.

Besides bringing you and your cat a natural, 100% sustainable litter, Sustainably Yours is doing its part to protect the planet by donating a portion of every purchase to help support the Rainforest Trust. This organization acquires acreage in threatened rainforests worldwide to protect and sustain natural habitats. Over 18 million acres have been rescued since 1988! Find out more about Rainforest Trust’s global conservation projects.


Open Farm


Open Farm is the first pet food company to introduce a nationwide recycling program. Did you know over 95% of pet food bags are considered unrecyclable? That’s why Open Farm created the first nationwide bag recycling program to help manage our environmental footprint.

With TerraCycle® they provide a free and easy way to recycle Open Farm bags into new upcycled products. Currently all their Dry, Freeze Dried, Bone Broth, Treats, and Gently Cooked packaging is recyclable through Terracycle.

You can set up a TerraCycle recycling station at your store and help cut down on carbon emissions by consolidating your shipments. Here’s how to get started.


The Un-Losable Loyalty Card: The Astro Mobile App


The Astro Loyalty Mobile App is a Free tool available to all Astro Members.


Neighborhood Pet Shops are able to customize their store’s Mobile App with their own logo and color pallet.


Astro Pet Owners are able to log in to their Neighborhood Shop’s Mobile App and access their loyalty information.


This is un-losable loyalty at its finest! No more paper punch cards that disintegrate in your wallet or get left who-knows-where. Finally, no more losing out on your earned rewards or missing out on hot Offers!


Pet Owners, sign up at your LOCAL pet shop today and go paper-free when it comes to your shop local loyalty!

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