4 Fun Facts About Cats for National Cat Lovers Month

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So, it’s the holiday season, and we aren’t talking about Christmas or Hanukkah because December is also National Cat Lovers Month!

Cats have been domesticated for over 9,500 years at the very least, and still, to this day, cats share our homes, and we welcome these feline friends with open arms.

Bringing a cat into your life allows you to create a truly special and rewarding relationship. Cats are low maintenance, have long life spans, and have the ability to calm your nervous system down while still being a great outlet for playing and having fun.

There is an abundance of fun facts about cats, but during National Cat Lovers Month, we’ll be taking the time to cover four of the funnest! Keep reading to learn more about your furry, purry friend.

Your Cat Really Does Love You

You might feel like your cat is sometimes distant from you, but rest assured that they love you—maybe even more than food. A study conducted by experts from Oregon State University and Monmouth University suggested that 50% of felines choose their owners over food, toys, and enticing scents.

Cats might not need you around, but this shows you how much your cat actually loves you and wants you around, even if they tend to put on airs and act independent.

Cats Spend 70% of Their Lives Sleeping

Nothing is more precious than seeing your adorable cat curled up and sleeping on your bed. According to the Veterinary Hub, cats spend 2/3 of their lives sleeping. That totals out to 13 to 16 hours of sleep per day.

Additionally, cats are crepuscular, meaning they’re usually most active around dawn and dusk. This explains why some of the only times we see our cats up and at ‘em is in the morning when they’re biting your toes under the comforter or greeting you when you get home from work! Be aware that a sudden change in sleep cycles or activity levels could actually indicate illness in your cat.

Whiskers Are Where It’s At

Although a cat’s whiskers might shed once in a while, you mustn’t ever trim them. This could result in your cat becoming disoriented, confused, and dizzy. This is because your cat will no longer be able to receive proper navigation signals.

A cat’s whiskers are located above the eyes, chin, upper lip, and near the ears. Whiskers are filled with blood vessels and nerves, so they are very sensitive, and if you trim your cat’s whiskers, it could be uncomfortable and lead to a much lower quality of life.

Here are 3 more reasons never to mess with a cat’s whiskers!

  • They help cats balance and sense their bodily positioning: Whiskers are proprioceptors that send messages to the cat’s brain that allow them to function and move properly.
  • They act as a form of “radar,” and cats use them to sense their surroundings: Cats’ sensitive whiskers allow cats to sense and perceive objects close to them. Many people think that cats have great vision—they’re hunters, and they can see in the dark, right? Well, kind of, but they don’t have a reputation for amazing close-up vision. The whiskers on a cat’s forelegs, chin, and ears pick up vibrations in the air around them, giving them a better awareness of their immediate surroundings.
  • Whiskers are like an emotional barometer: The positioning of a cat’s whiskers gives you insight into their mood. Usually, when a cat is relaxed, their whiskers are at rest, and when they’re energized and active, they’re pulled up. Learning how whiskers coincide with your cat’s mood is a great way to understand them better!

Whiskers are so much more than just fur on your cat’s face, so be sure to appreciate them for the superpowers they give your companion.

Your Cat’s Nose Is More Powerful Than You Thought

Cats’ noses are arguably their most powerful sensory organ and have between 45 and 200 million scent receptors, while humans only carry ~5 million. Cats have a smelling ability that is 14 times more sensitive than humans.

Humans might hug, shake hands, or share a greeting, but cats use their noses as a form of communication. When cats meet, they sniff their heads or do a head bump. This greeting releases pheromones from the glands in their faces.

Interesting fact—no cat has the same nose patterns; their bumps and ridges are unrepeatable, just like human fingerprints!

Celebrate National Cat Lovers Month!

December is National Cat Lovers Month, so get ready to shower your catty companions with love and appreciation.

Cats are amazing creatures that can sometimes be misconstrued or stigmatized when actually they are loyal, beautiful, affectionate creatures just looking for love.

If you have a cat or are looking to adopt a cat (and make use of Astro Loyalty’s Sharing the Love program), Cat Lovers Month is a perfect time to spoil them just a little more than usual.

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