Remembering Pets on Remember Me Thursday

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Every pet owner recalls the fondest memories of our pets in different ways, whether it’s humorous stories to retell at parties, treasured old toys, or a handful (read: thousands) of saved pictures on our phones. Yet one of the best ways we can love and honor our pets’ memories is by helping pets who are still waiting to find their forever homes today.

For this Remember Me Thursday (September 24), here’s an in-depth look at this day of memorial and how to honor your pets both past and present.

What is Remember Me Thursday?

Remember Me Thursday is a global campaign, now eight years old, that unites people and organizations across the world to remember pets by supporting pets in shelters today. It’s reached out to over 190 countries and over 700 animal welfare organizations, most of whom host candle or lantern lighting ceremonies and other events in memorial of orphaned pets.

With the hashtag and message of #SeeTheLight, the goal of Remember Me Thursday is to encourage more people to see the light and save a life: that is, to inspire people to adopt the pets currently waiting to be rescued!

Fortunately, because of the efforts of organizations like those participating, more and more animals successfully leave shelters and find new homes than ever before. The time and care put in each day by shelters, rescue organizations, and their supporters seems to be working, and only growing stronger each year.

Recognizing Pet Heroes

Remember Me Thursday isn’t only about remembering pets who are no longer with us. It’s also about honoring standout rescue pets while they’re still here, which helps show potential adopters why a rescue pet is an amazing addition to any home.

The Animal Luminaries gallery, for instance, showcases multiple pets (including a few celebrity faces!) whose adoption forever enriched their new family’s life. Remember Me Thursday is an especially good day to highlight adopted pets with special needs and disabilities, proving that they’re 100% worth the extra TLC.

We often think of professional dogs like firehouse or service dogs when we hear the words “rescue pet”, but Remember Me Thursday shows us that there are many hidden heroes out there. The campaign hosts a yearly “Rescue Pet Hero” contest that shines a light on outstanding adopted pets who saved their owners’ lives in frightening situations. It’s a great reminder that we can recognize pets for their heroic actions and loving companionship in the present, whether they show it in large or small ways.

Helping Rescue Animals

Remembering your own beloved pets on Remember Me Thursday is a wonderful tribute, but there’s another way you can share this recognition with other pets: by helping them get adopted. Shelters and rescues across the country are hosting adoption awareness events, benefit ceremonies, and other activities to acknowledge the day and to spread the word about pet adoptions.

You can join the worldwide push for support of pet adoptions by posting about your own animals’ stories on social media, using the hashtag #SeeTheLight or other graphics the campaign has created. Have a hilarious anecdote to share about your adopted pet? A sweet memory? Just want to share the love with your local rescue orgs and pet shelters? Be sure to add your virtual “candle” to the lights of those participating in Remember Me Thursday.

Who knows – your post could be the one that finally convinces an on-the-fence adopter to bring home their new best friend!

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