We all need a friend to lean on.

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Specialty pet retailers and feed stores have our full support. Astro is fully committed to helping our community gain that competitive edge over big box and online pet retailers. So, we’ve built an engine designed to help independent pet retailers grow. And Astro is not available to the big box or online guys. Period.

The Astro engine helps our community save valuable time, get paid faster, create loyal and happy customers, and most of all, compete against the impersonal big retailers.

Join us in our quest to provide the best care for our furry, fuzzy, feathery, or furless pets. Let’s support our local independent pet retailers and reap the benefits of healthier, happier pets!

About The Author

Katherine Carbonaro Kat lives in a spooky house surrounded by farmland in Hillsborough, NC, and couldn't be happier! Her two beloved cats, MeNow and Mr. Bumbles were both bottle-fed and raised by her. Huxley, her faithful companion, is estimated to be around 16 years old but still enjoys his daily mile-long walks and occasional hikes, a testament to the power of proper nutrition. Long live Neighborhood Pet!