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December is chock full of holidays that pair perfectly with Astro Offers, Sharing the Love Adoption Programs, and My Promotions. We have added new Astro Templates and Astro Images to your Marketing Suite that you can use to showcase your store’s special promotions for the month. Our Knowledge Base is also full of helpful Social Media Tips.


December’s Month-Long Holidays & Seasons Greetings


National Cat Lover’s Month is all about cats and cat lovers! What fun! This holiday affords you the opportunity to deck the halls with cat trees, treats, and catnip mistletoes. Your cat customers will love it! It has been shown that even though there are more dog households than cat households, the number of cats living in those households still outnumber the dogs by over 5 million! That’s a lot of cats and cat people.


See how helpful he is…


Now is the time to shower your cat parents with fun cat-facts. Make sure they know how awesome your cat section is at your store. If anything, share some fun cat-pics&vids. We found some fun cat-facts stating that cats are natural stress reducers, even pictures of cats can have stress-reducing effects. Cats are even natural healers. Did you know that the sound of a cat purring resonates at a frequency that helps to heal your physical body! OK… my cat-lady is showing…


Marketing Materials: Holiday Template with Offers & Cat-Facts. Adoption Template with Sharing the Love info. Astro Images under Holiday, Facebook, and Cat Lifestyle.


My Promotion Ideas: $/% Off Cat Goodies (Treats & Toys).


Suggested Astro Offers Pairings: Cat-themed Offers for December


Social Media Fun: Cat-Pic & Video Share/Showdown. Ask your customers to share pics or videos of their cats being, well, cats. The one with the most likes gets a free cat toy! Together we can save the world one cat pic at a time!


Seasonal Gift Guides & Holiday Promotions

When I was a kid I loved getting Wishbooks in the mail this time of year. It was so much fun to flip through them and pick out the stuff I wanted. You can provide the same sense of fun for your customers by emailing them, or posting, a custom Wishbook showcasing all the cool gifts your shop offers! Think of the kinds of customers that visit your store and what they may be interested in. There are the practical ones that could find value in a new water fountain or a fancy litter box. Then there are the ones that have been waiting all year to splurge on a new lux cat tree or pet bed. There are always the ones who collect treats and toys for stocking stuffers. And finally, there are the ones that want to get a special gift for a family member or friend, so Gift Certificates are a must to have on hand.


Holiday Grab Bags, Gift Baskets, and Mystery Boxes are both fun to assemble and really popular with shoppers whether they’re shopping for their own pets or someone else’s.


Pinterest can be a fun resource for design ideas! You can assemble them within several price points from stocking stuffer to splurge. Fill them with a collection of items; toys, treats, essentials, and gift certificates. The wrappings; bags, baskets, and boxes themselves can be anywhere from simple to WOW! Options include; brown bags, cellophane gift bags, dollar-store gift baskets, bakery boxes, wrapped gift boxes, etc. For the Mystery Boxes, if you want to give your customer a hint, you can assign them categories such as Dog, Cat; or give them fun names like “The Outdoor Pup”, or “Jingle’s Jangles”. Make them goofy, fancy, hipstery (pretty sure that’s a thing), and most importantly have FUN! If you are excited about them it will translate to your customers. Be sure to post about them on Social Media!


The Giving Tree is a lovely tradition that you can bring back every year. Reach out to some of your favorite rescues or shelters in your community and ask them to take a picture of each of their foster pets. Then tell them to add the pet’s name as a caption on their picture and write on the back one thing that the foster pet wants for the holidays. It can be a special treat, a toy, a bag of food, or gifter’s choice. Then they can turn each of those pictures into a hanging ornament by attaching a ribbon to the top. When they are finished they can drop off their wishlist ornaments at your store.


You can then decorate a Giving Tree with them (a standard Christmas tree will do), hang them up on a wall, or add them to a special display in your store. Include a sign that explains how the Giving Tree works so your customers understand and are invited to participate.


The Giving Tree




ornament hanging


on our tree is for a foster


pet with [Rescue Name].


On the back is a gift they are wishing for.


Do you see a wish you can grant?


Take the ornament and your gift to the counter,


and we’ll help you prepare it to place under the tree.


Your gift will be delivered to [Rescue Name] on Jan 1st.


Thank you for helping our Giving Tree grant a wish to a pet in need.


Then at the end of December, you can collect all the gifts and let the rescue or shelter know they can come to pick them up!


Astro Extras for The Holidays


Marketing Materials: Several Holiday Templates. Astro Images categorized under Holiday and My Promotion Images.


My Promotion Ideas: Pictures with Santa! (Astro Image under My Promotion Images). Holiday Sale; now is the time to discount some of your harder to move items. (Astro Image under My Promotion Images).


Suggested Astro Offers Pairings: Holiday Shopping Offers


Paper Snowflakes Tutorial | The Perfect Store Decor! 

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