Fresh News | December/January 2021/22

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As 2021 comes to a close I cannot help but reflect on this past year. So much has happened!  

Highlights include:

We are so excited to continue on this journey with you into 2022. We have so much in store for you!  
Alrighty then. Let’s get to our Fresh News!

This Edition Includes:


A Top Tip Just For You

Find our most recent Frequent Buyer Program launches on our Brands on Astro Flyer, now accessible from our website’s main menu. To see our newest launches apply the “New Last 30 Days” filter to the first drop-down menu. It’s a great tool to check every couple of days before logging into your Astro Account!        

Icelandic+ joins Astro Offers and is launching their first Astro Offer in January!

Icelandic+ FB         Icelandic+ | Buy 3, Get 1 FREE on Cod Skin Strips   Buy 3, Get 1 FREE on Cod Short Skin Strips

Available in the USA and Canada.

Stay informed of Icelandic+’s Astro presence via their new Flyer Page.


NOBL has a new Frequent Buyer Program!

NOBL Supplements PNG   NOBL Foods | Supplements OFFICIAL Frequent Buyer Program – Buy 12 Get 1 FREE Dog Supplement Frequent Buyer Program. Buy 12 Supplements and Receive One Free. Items are grouped altogether. The Free Supplement will belong to the same group as the 12 qualifying purchases, mix and matching between formulas are allowed. Customers have 12 months to complete their cards.

Available in the USA & Canada.

Check out NOBL’s full Astro presence on their Flyer Page.


Freely joins Astro Loyalty and is launching their first Frequent Buyer Program!

Freely FB

Freely | OFFICIAL Frequent Buyer Program – Buy 10, Get 1 FREE

Kibble and Cases of Canned Food Frequent Buyer Program. Buy 10 Bags of Kibble or Cases of Cans and Receive One of that type free. Items are grouped according to Species (Dog/Cat), Type (Kibble/Cans), and Size Range (S/M/L). The free good must belong to the same group as the 10 qualifying purchases, be less than or equal to the least valued item purchased, and must have been purchased at least once before completing the card. Available in the USA.  

Check out Freely’s full Astro presence on their Flyer Page.


Bark & Harvest joins Astro Loyalty and is launching their first Frequent Buyer Program!

Bark and Harvest FB

Bark & Harvest | OFFICIAL Buy 9, Get 1 FREE

USA – All Members – DF | ID:10549 Dog Treat Frequent Buyer Program. Buy 9 Cheek Rolls, Cheek Chips, BeautyStix, and BeautySpringz and Receive One Free. Items are grouped together, mix and matching allowed. The Free Treat will be Lesser than or Equal in Value compared to the Least Valued Item Purchased. Available in the USA.   Stay informed of Bark & Harvest’s presence on Astro via their new Flyer Page.        

NEW Frequent Buyer Shelf Talkers are now available to Astro Retailers!

Astro Facebook Posts_FB Shelf TalkersJust in case you missed it! Earlier this month we launched Frequent Buyer Shelf Talkers and published dozens and dozens of eye-catching printable shelf talkers for our brand sponsored Frequent Buyer Programs.   Each Shelf Talked contains information about the loyalty program your store is enrolled in, as well as a QR code linked to the Free Astro Consumer Mobile App – which you can customize with your store’s logo, contact info, and color pallet!   You can also pair these new Shelf Talkers with our Free Media Kit which reminds your customers that you are providing them with exceptional value in the form of Frequent Buyer.  
Remember, Frequent Buyer Programs are only available to Neighborhood Retailers. From your customers’ perspective, the savings associated with these programs far outweigh any discounts they might see at a big-box store or massive-online retailer.
  And if you are looking for something fun to pair with your Frequent Buyer Loyalty Programs, check out Astro Offers and Sharing The Love!      

It’s the Tail-End of the Holiday Shopping Season – Don’t let your customers miss out on your Stocking Stuffers Offers!

Stocking Stuffers Pets FB_Astro OffersYour Astro Marketing Team has added over a dozen of new image assets to your Astro Marketing Suite’s Image Library. Use them to get the word out about your December Offers and invite your customers to shop locally, with you! Astro Offer Pairings_December

New Banner Images

Go to your Astro Marketing Suite > Image Library > Astro Media > Lifestyle > Buttons & Banners.

  Shop Local 5_Pets GreenWe have new Banner Images that can be used as banners in your Astro Templates above your Promo/Offer & Flyer Elements showcasing your Astro Offers.   Online Store 6_Pets Group 1These same banner images can also be converted into clickable buttons if added to a Single Image Element. This is an awesome way to connect your customer to your online store!   Shop Now Etailpet _ Cats and yarnWe also added new banner images sized perfectly (1350x350px) for the “Shop Now” banner on your etailpet e-commerce website.   And of course, if you like these banners and want to use them another way, by all means have at it!  

New Facebook Images


Go to your Astro Marketing Suite > Astro Media > Social Media > Facebook

  Stocking Stuffers Snow FBThese images are sized perfectly for use with Astro Template Campaigns posted to your Facebook Timeline. When you choose this image to be your primary image in your Facebook timeline post it will appear un-cropped in your feed.   These are also great for posting directly to your Facebook Page along with a comment via Astro Social.      

Astro Loyalty Blog to Share | Our Pets & The Season of Giving

Blog - Our Pets & The Season of Giving Pets bring us so much joy, so it’s only fitting to include them in this season of giving and show them our appreciation. Keep reading to learn about some fun ways to involve your pet in your holiday celebrations and support your local community while doing so.   Click for the full article    

Get a Jump Start on the New Year with January’s Astro Offers!

Astro Offer Pairings_JanuaryGo ahead and get enrolled. Check for Buy-In Deals. Print your shelf talkers. And get ready to break some new records in 2022!   And if you’ve never enrolled in an Offer at your store, and are not sure where to begin, check out our Astro Offers introductory video on our YouTube Channel.

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