Astro Weekly News | December 13th – 20th

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This Week’s Fresh News Includes:

  • Marketing Materials and Promotion Ideas for December’s Third Week of Holidays, 13th – 20th

  • Astro Offers & Holiday Pairings

  • Astro By The Numbers – Black Friday & Small Business Saturday Offers Set New Redemption Records for Astro Retailers

  • Astro’s January Offers | Make Astro Offers your New Years Commitment!


New Marketing Materials – December Week #3


Astro Offers Holiday Pairings | December


Click the Banner to peruse our selected Offer Pairings. If there’s one you missed click the link below the Offer to enroll!

Month Long Offers for Gift-worth Gets
Purrfect for Cat Lover’s Month & Cat Herders Day!

Astro By The Numbers

Black Friday & Small Business Saturday Offers Set New Redemption Records for Astro Retailers!


The weekend of Black Friday and Small Business Saturday is well understood to be the greatest sale days of the year for retail businesses. Normally retailers are expected to gross more on these days than any other days of the year – but there has been nothing normal about 2020.


Astro and our brand partners rallied together to support our community of neighborhood pet shops and published 39 Flash Sale Offers that would run for this weekend and just beyond.


1020 Astro Retailers enrolled and prepared themselves for the big weekend. We all held our breath then BOOM! Together we saw the highest pet owner turnout ever – despite there being a pandemic in our midst. Previous impressive records were smashed and all parties benefited!


Pet Owners showed up for their neighborhood pet shops! They were excited about these Special Offers and realized they couldn’t find deals like these anywhere else.


On average, the participating Astro Retailers grossed an additional $600 in Astro Offer Sales in just 2 days time. 15% of those Astro Retailers made over $1,000 in Offers Sales during those 2 days. Several participating Astro Retailers obliterated records and grossed over $10,000 in additional Offer Sales for that weekend, one retailer with 2 locations made just under $30,000 in Offer Sales!


And guess what? Their great success had little to do with the size of their store or the size of the city/town they are located in. It had more to do with how informed their customers were! On average the retailers that had the most success were those who were actively promoting their Flash Sales to their customers, and their community, in the weeks leading up to the big weekend. They printed their Offer Shelf Talkers, they shared their My Astro Webpage Flyer, they sent Campaigns, they posted on their Social Media.


So what does this mean?


We can make our own luck. Nothing is impossible. David can bring down Goliath!


This is only the beginning! Imagine what we can accomplish together in 2021!


January Offers | Jump Start Your New Year!


It’s time to make your New Year’s Resolution!


2021 is the year that your store starts participating in Astro Offers!


OK! You got this! Check out January’s Offers and start enrolling in the ones that interest you.

Click Banner to Enroll Today!

Make sure you are printing your Shelf Talkers! Did you know that customers are more likely to redeem an Offer if they see clear signage about that Offer hanging up in your store? It’s true!


Select your My Brands so you never miss out on enrolling in an Astro Offer that suites your store!

My Brands | Never Miss an Offer!

Sign up for the Astro Marketing Suite (currently free to all Astro Retailers).


Astro Marketing Retailers are automatically added to our Marketing Mailing List and are sent our Marketing & Promotion Guides at the start of every week.


Start telling your customers about the Free Mobile App. They can use this tool to follow along with their progress on their Frequent Buyer Cards, and they can see any Offers that are currently active at your store! This is how they can ensure that they never miss out on a deal.


You got this! We got your back every step of the way! Let’s break some new records together

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