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December is chock full of holidays that pair perfectly with Astro Offers, Sharing the Love Adoption Programs, and My Promotions. We have added new Astro Templates and Astro Images to your Marketing Suite that you can use to showcase your store’s special promotions for the month. Our Knowledge Base is also full of helpful Social Media Tips.


Week ONE – December 1st – 5th Holidays


December 2nd: National Mutt Day is the perfect holiday to celebrate what I can only assume is the largest breed group of pups shopping at your store. I think we can all agree that Mystery Buddies make awesome buddies. Today is a great day to encourage your customers to share a post about their Mystery Buddy on your social media pages. It’s also an excuse to share some fun facts about some of the famous mutts we have grown to love in popular culture. Balto and Togo were considered canine heroes for their role in leading sled teams to deliver diphtheria serum to Nome, Alaska. If the name Balto sounds familiar it’s because there was a live-action animated film made in 1995 showcasing this journey. There are also the famous tales of Benji (no introduction needed ) and Spike (of Old Yeller fame).

Marketing Materials: Astro Templates (Adoption Template & Holiday Template), Astro Images for Templates, and Social Media.

Social Media Fun: Invite your customers to share a comment about their mutts on your page, or ask them to tag you in their posts. Include some fun hashtags to follow like #ILikeBigMutts

Related Holiday: Later this week is Celebrate Shelter Pets Day. Many of our famous mutts were also shelter pups, such as Benji and Spike!


December 4th: National Cookie Day is most likely a holiday intended for people and their cookies, but hear me out, pets love cookies too so why not share! Funny thing, as you know many of the pet treats on the market now are human-grade, so your pet parents could also share the cookie if they really wanted to! Today is a fun day to share any Astro Offers that you are enrolled in this month for Pet Treats.

Marketing Materials: Astro Holiday Template with Offers, Astro Image under Holidays, and My Promotion Images.

Related Astro Offers: Are you enrolled?

My Promotion Ideas: $/% Off any Bakery Item. A special image was added to Astro Images > My Promotion Images that will pair well with this promotion.


December 5th: Celebrate Shelter Pets Day (Humane Society) was created by the Ad Council, the Humane Society of the United States, and Maddie’s Fund®. People are more likely to adopt a shelter pet if they’ve spoken with someone who has already done so. On the 11th Annual Celebrate Shelter Pets Day on December 5, 2020, the Shelter Pet Project asks all pet lovers to be that someone by telling their adopted pets’ stories on social media. The Shelter Pet Project encourages those eager to participate to share photos of their adopted cats or dogs across social media, along with their adoption stories. Being part of the celebration is easy! Simply tag your post with #CelebrateShelterPets, a hashtag for the shelter or rescue organization from which you adopted, and the Shelter Pet Project (@shelterpets on Twitter, @shelterpetproject on Instagram and Facebook).

Marketing Materials: Astro Template with information about The Shelter Pet Project and Sharing the Love. Astro Images for Templates, and Social Media.

Sharing the Love: This is a great holiday through which to promote your Sharing the Love Adoption programs to your community. Reach out to your local shelters and make sure that they are aware that you are participating in Sharing the Love so they can send newly adopted pets and their parents to your store.

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