Astro Fresh News | January 8th – 15th

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This Week’s Fresh News Includes:


Onward and Upward into the New Year!

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Last year was rough (or should we say ruff?), but with the new year underway, it’s time to celebrate! Appreciate all of the hard work you put in and prepare to cater to your customers in a whole new way.


Embrace the power of shopping local, focus on community connections, and try out your fun ideas!

Turning negatives into positives and using your strengths to your advantage is the key to a successful and growing business. Let’s look forward to the new year and focus on a fresh start!

Read on to discover ways your business can continue to grow as the rocket into 2021 picks up speed!


Astro Offers: The Best Kept Secret of Astro Neighborhood Retailer Success


Did you know that Astro Neighborhood Retailers who participate in Astro Offers, on average, increase their monthly MSRP sales by anywhere from several hundred dollars to several thousand? There were several Astro Neighborhood Retailers who increased their monthly MSRP sales by tens of thousands!


Astro Offers are by far the easiest way to give your business a boost, promote your favorite brands and products, and reward your loyal customers with exclusive deals to look forward to every month.


Does your store subscribe to Astro Offers? Now is the best time to join the party, ahem, paw-ty!

  • Astro Offers are Free for Astro Neighborhood Retailers to enroll in.

  • The discounts and free goods rewarded to your customers are brand-funded so your credits are guaranteed.

  • Astro even provides free Shelf Talkers a free My Astro Webpage, and a free Pet Owner Mobile App to help you bring your Offers to the attention of your customers.

  • If you also subscribe to the Marketing Suite there are even more resources available to you to help promote these Offers to your customers.


What about TIME?

  • Astro Offers take mere moments to redeem during checkout if you are using Astro manually.

  • They are integrated with several POS systems such as Petshop360, Vend, Lightspeed, Springboard, and etailpet.

  • Astro Offers can be submitted and uploaded manually for those Astro Neighborhood Retailers utilizing POS Reports to report their customer’s redemptions.

  • Most Offers run for a full month so Shelf Talkers only need to be tended to once a month, and they can be printed and hung quickly.

  • The My Astro Webpage and the Mobile App update automatically based on the Offers you are enrolled in and whether or not they are currently live.

You got this! Astro Loyalty and our brand partners have your back. Let’s continue to remind pet owners that it pays to shop local!


Pair these Offers with some of January’s Month-Long Holidays! Campaign Templates are available in your Astro Marketing Suite, and additional promotion ideas can be found in our Monthly Promotion Calendar Guides.


Marketing Materials for January’s Month-Long & Day-Long Holidays


These holidays afford your business multiple opportunities to engage with your customers and your community. They can be used as vehicles to educate, bring awareness, and promote the services and supplies that you offer.


Astro Promotional Calendars are created to inspire you! They include ideas for activities and promotions, marketing media, and materials to save you time, as well as educational links that you can share with your customers.


Not sure where to find them? They are always published under the Blog menu of our Astro Loyalty website. All Marketing Calendars live within the Marketing Materials section of our Blog.


As an Astro Neighborhood Retailer, you are more than welcome to use these ideas at your store, and if you are also subscribed to the Astro Marketing Suite you will have even greater access to the media materials described in these calendars and have a leg up on how to best utilize them.


January’s Month-Long Holiday Promotional Calendar & Guide

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January’s Day-Long Holiday Promotional Calendar & Guide

Click Image to Access the Full Calendar of Ideas

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