Fresh News | May 2021

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Greetings Astro Fam! This edition is packed with updates for you! A lot has happened since we last spoke. Check it out!

This Edition Includes:


Launch of Astro Marketing Suite 2.0, now with Astro Social!


You Asked, We Listened.

Welcome to your New Suite!


Check out our Marketing Suite Knowledge Base for instructional videos, webinar registration links, and previously recorded webinars.


Pet Holiday Marketing Guide for May 2021


Your Holiday Marketing Guide for May 2021 is posted to the Astro Blog. This article outlines the Featured and Holiday Marketing materials in the Astro Marketing Suite and provides background information about each holiday.


Several of these holidays also include Astro Offers Pairings! Don’t miss out on these marketing opportunities!

Click Here to access the May Holiday Guide & Holiday Offer Pairings
Click to view all of May’s Offers
Click to view all of June’s Offers

New Exclusive Shop Local Frequent Buyer Programs on Astro!


We’ve added not one, not two, but FIVE new Frequent Buyer Programs for you and your customers to participate in. Here we go!


Caru Pet Food


We are really excited to have Caru as a new member of the Astro Fam! They recently launched a new Shop Local Frequent Buyer Program in both the USA and Canada.


Caru’s foods are phenomenal and based on the homecooked model. Their pledge to providing pets with the best food possible is refreshing.


Caru’s ingredients are 100% Human Grade (I’ve sampled their Chicken Stew personally, lol). And they are not just saying this, they are verified.


The meals are made in small batches and packaged in environmentally conscious Tetra Paks (which are so easy to open and store!).


Personally, my favorite thing about this brand is their origin story. Caru was started by Pamela and Adrian Pettyan. Caru is named for Karu, their Golden Retriever. He suffered from chronic ear infections. To remedy this their veterinarian suggested a homemade diet consisting of pure, healthy, nutritious food.

From the day we switched Karu to this new dietary routine, we found that he was more playful and healthy. From our health care background, we couldn’t understand why there weren’t pet food products at our local stores that were as good as what we could make at home. So in close collaboration with an accomplished animal Ph.D. nutritionist, we created a complete line of nourishing meals and treats that look, smell, and taste as good as homemade food.

It breaks my heart to learn that Karu is no longer with us. He used to accompany his owners on store visits and would help them educate retailers about their foods. I had the pleasure of meeting him on one of these visits.


Caru Pet Food | OFFICIAL Frequent Buyer Program – Buy 12 Get 1 FREE


Dog & Cat Frequent Purchase Program. Buy 12 Caru products and Receive One. Items are grouped according to Species (Dog/Cat), Size Range (S/M/L), and product type. The Free product will belong to the same group as the 12 qualifying purchases and it will be Lesser than or Equal in Value compared to the Least Valued Item Purchased, and must have been previously purchased to qualify as a free item. Card punches expire after 12 months. This program is available in both the USA and Canada!


Simply Kind Hearted by Gimborn


Simply Kind Hearted has been an Astro Partner for a couple of months now. They have been actively participating in Astro Offers, and have a new Offer coming up in June. Their programs are available in the USA and Canada.


Simply Kind Hearted’s treats are super unique. They are made with human-quality ingredients and contain nutrients to promote a proactive health and wellness routine.


Simply Kind Hearted Squeezables treats are made with premium oils that contain Omega 3 & 6 to promote overall well-being and every day bonding moments.


Simply Kind Hearted treats taste great straight from the tube, on your finger, or on food as a topper. Let your fur kid choose.

You know your four-legged bundle of joy deserves something as pure as they are. We understand because we’re pet parents, too. Our treats are made from human-quality ingredients and backed with more than 160 years of expertise. With a natural premium oil base for a flavor pets love and nutrients for optimal nutrition, Simply Kind Hearted treats are as unconditional as the love you share.

Simply Kind Hearted | Official Frequent Buyer – Buy 9 Get 1 Free


Dog and Cat Treat Frequent Buyer Program. Buy any 9 Squeezables or Lickable Treats Get 1 FREE. Items are all together on one card, equal or lesser value. Milk Replacers and Munchables are excluded from this offer. This program is available in both the USA & Canada!


The New Zealand Natural Pet Food Company


The NZ Natural Pet Food Co. only just recently joined Astro Loyalty and we are thrilled to have them! They’ve started off strong with a very enticing Shop Local Frequent Buyer Program for both the USA and Canada.


They offer a high-quality line of freeze-dried and air-dried diets for dogs (WOOF) and cats (MEOW).


Their food and treats are manufactured in small batches in New Zealand and they support fair trade and local sourcing. Their formulas include simple and nutritional ingredients including cuts of meat, assorted organs, bones, fresh vegetables, honey, tripe, and my favorite supplemental ingredient – green-lipped mussel!


Personally, I would like to try some for my cats (I already call their food MEOW Food, lol).


Their FAQ section of their website is a great resource of answers to common questions pet parents ask when they first come into contact with a raw pet food diet.

We created The New Zealand Natural Pet Food Co. out of a desire to give pet parents (like us!) a convenient and safe option to feed their pets a wholesome and complete diet, as close to raw as possible. We want our animals to not just live and survive, but to thrive. WOOF and MEOW (our dog and cat food ranges) are designed around the daily rituals of caring for your pet’s body, skin and well-being, but with a dietary balance. Our premium pet food range uses fresh whole ingredients, which are brimming with earth-grown goodness.

New Zealand Natural Pet Food Company | OFFICIAL Frequent Buyer Program – Buy 10 Get 1 Free


Dog & Cat Freeze-Dried and Air-Dried Food and Treats Frequent Purchase Program. Buy 10 Bags of Food or Treats and Receive One Bag Free. Items are grouped according to Species (Dog/Cat) and Size Range (S/M/L). The Free Bag will belong to the same group as the 10 qualifying purchases and it will be Lesser than or Equal in Value compared to the Least Valued Item Purchased, and must be one of the items purchased to complete the card. This program is available in both the USA and Canada!


NOBL by Guardian Pet Food Company


NOBL Foods! Their name says so much, I dig it!


NOBL joined the Astro Fam just last month and launched their first-ever Shop Local Frequent Buyer Program in the USA.


As you can see, they have “Kicked The Crap Out Of Kibble” and made dog food with freedom in mind. These are awesome meals to take on adventures. They contain everything a dog needs and nothing they don’t.

As tested by a third-party lab, our canine food bars were shown to be more than 90% digestible. For example, if your dog eats one 2oz. bar, it has been shown that 1.862oz will be digested and used by the dog. This leaves 0.138 ounces in urine and fecal matter. Over the course of one year, that ends up being just about 3lbs of waste.

NOBL Foods | Official Frequent Buyer – Buy 12 Get 1 Free


Dog Frequent Purchase Program. Buy any 12 bags of NOBL Canine Food Bars (10pk) and Get One Free. Items are all together on one card. Customers must complete and redeem their cards within 12-months at one retail location or store. This program is available in the USA!




VetriScience and PetNaturals have been partnered with Astro Loyalty since the start of 2021. PetNaturals launched its first Frequent Buyer Program in February of 2021, this was also accompanied by an Astro Offer in April. PetNaturals plans to launch more Offers later this year.


This is VetriScience’s first Frequent Buyer Program, and it’s a generous one at that. But that’s not surprising since VetriScience is a generous company.


Have you heard the story of Lucky Tim? Lucky Tim, “formerly known as Tiny Tim” a yellow Lab puppy who was born with a defective leg. His vet has determined that the best opportunity for Lucky Tim to live a normal life is to have his front leg amputated at the shoulder. VetriScience jumped in and graciously contributed to his care.


VetriScience has been family-owned and operated in Vermont since 1972. For over 40 years they have been formulating high-quality supplements for our companion animals. Their supplements range from general wellness, to calming, to immunity, to digestive, to joint support, and absolutely everything else in between.

VetriScience® is proud to be among the first to introduce the use of integrative therapies into veterinary practice, as well as the first company to use glucosamine and the green-lipped mussel in a hip and joint supplement for animal use.
More Flyers such as this one in their Brand Media Library

Check out their Brand Media Library in the Astro Marketing Suite for additional training materials to hang up in your store, such as this flyer displayed above.

VetriScience | OFFICIAL Frequent Buyer Program – Buy 6 Get 1 FREE


Dog & Cat Supplement Frequent Purchase Program. Buy 6 Supplements and Receive One Supplement Free. Mixing and matching between all items is allowed. The Free Item will be Lesser than or Equal in Value compared to the Least Valued Item Purchased.


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Katherine Carbonaro Kat lives in a spooky house surrounded by farmland in Hillsborough, NC, and couldn't be happier! Her two beloved cats, MeNow and Mr. Bumbles were both bottle-fed and raised by her. Huxley, her faithful companion, is estimated to be around 16 years old but still enjoys his daily mile-long walks and occasional hikes, a testament to the power of proper nutrition. Long live Neighborhood Pet!